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    Agtrix Consignments
    Agtrix: Consignment

    “Agtrix Consignment”: data from harvesters provides quantity and location of stock ready to collect:

    • information available to mill systems in real time
    • minimise the time after harvest before collection reduces product deterioration
    • replaces manual/paper tickets
      • minimising information loss
      • reduces human error
    • improves productivity


    “Agtrix FREDD” in-bound logistic software uses a continuously adapting focus while achieving an overall outcome:

    • real time vehicle tracking to visualise all sections of the supply chain
    • empowers operators to make proactive and timely decisions
    • carry out the same task with less infrastructure
    • do more with the same infrastructure
    VehicleTracking Plus Reports
    Vehicle Tracking Plus Reports


    When FREDD is scheduling

    • very little human interaction is required
    • efficiency and equity are improved
    • It reacts to the current state of the supply chain
    • ongoing changes typical of a chaotic environment are managed



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