Company Overview / Background

    • Privately owned company, formed in Australia in 1995
    • Trusted supply chain systems for the agricultural industry from harvest management to onbound logistics
    • Trusted for industry level data collation and analysis
    • Provides turn-key solutions including:
    • software
    • support
    • system integration
    • change management
    • At the forefront of practical use of GIS (Graphical Information Systems) and GPS tracking technology in agriculture for 20 years
    • An integral part of award winning projects for international clients
    • Software and services currently provided in several countries

    Core Values

    • Deliver favourable and focused outcomes
    • Maximise savings through optimisation for all parties involved
    • Delivery of comprehensive, accurate and meaningful information from Big Data
    • Produce reliable data that enables confidence to make informed decisions and act in real time
    • Innovative in business approaches and processes
    • Apply experts in the field
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