Case Study – Agtrix delivers phenomenal supply chain improvements in South African mills

    Transport scheduling technology developed by Agtrix has cut turnaround times at a South African mill by almost 70 percent, saving $1.5 million.

    Mill stops at the Darnall sugar mill have also been reduced by 35 percent and the number of trucks needed to move stock has been cut from more than 30 to three thanks to FREDD; an innovative scheduling software solution chosen to underpin supply chain improvements in the South African sugar industry.

    FREDD was piloted at Darnall in 2005 by logistics consultants Crickmay and Associates, with funding from the SLIP program, South African Cane Growers’ Association (SACGA), Department of Transport (DOT) and South African Sugarcane Research Institute (SASRI).


    It has since been adopted by four other South African mills and was awarded the Gold Logistics Award for South Africa in 2009.

    FREDD is a fully functional, collaborative tool optimising the movement of sugarcane from plantation, to truck, to mill. It is credited with saving at least one mill, employing 5000 people, from certain closure.
    Peter Lyne from the South African Sugar Research Institute says FREDD has had a phenomenal impact on the South African and Swaziland sugar industry supply chains.

    “It is now the main technology platform driving supply chain efficiency improvement in the sugar industry,” says Mr Lyne.
    FREDD has been fully customised for South African mills to:

    • Reduce vehicle cycle times and the number of vehicles in a fleet
    • Synchronise vehicle arrival rate with mill crush rate.

    Based on its success in the sugar industry, some components of FREDD are now being adapted as a supply chain solution for South Africa’s power supply industry.

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