Agtrix visit to the UK

    Managing Director Robert Crossley and Logistics master Grahame Dines spent time in England with British Sugar in January 2015.

    During this time they worked with both their English and Spanish operations to identify a strategy to improve their supply chain.  “The interactions with British Sugar and their Spanish operations (Azucarera) were both constructive and fruitful”, said Robert.  “The people involved were open in terms of the issues they face and really keen to understand how our software is used in both Australia and Africa.  Despite coming down with a dreadful flu and feeling pretty average while I was there, the group was a real pleasure to work with, and I think we were also able to identify opportunities to make a real difference.”

    As a result of this visit, Agtrix will undertake an analysis of their supply chain to identify and quantify opportunities for improvement.  Data from the factories, loading zones and GPS data for lorries and harvesting operations is currently being sourced to enable a very detailed study to identify where hold-ups are occurring and possible solutions

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