About Agtrix

    Agtrix is an innovative Australian company providing sophisticated technology solutions for the agricultural sector.

    We develop spatially enabled systems that improve harvest management and make your supply chain more efficient. Our products take the guesswork out of recording and reporting farm activity, enabling you to meet compliance requirements with better accuracy, using less resources.

    Agtrix solutions offer tangible benefits for producers, processors, transport operators, agronomy advisors and government. We have a proven track record in servicing more than 85 percent of Australia’s sugar industry and have been internationally acclaimed for our supply chain management solutions.

    Discover how Agtrix can help you record, report, analyse and improve your business operations with the touch of a button.


    Agtrix was established in 2001 to deliver Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions that optimise local sugarcane harvesting.  The company built upon systems that had been developed over the previous 7 years by Robert Crossley, and that were used extensively in the sugar industry.

    In 2006, we partnered with NSW Sugar to commercialise its in-house transport dispatch system (FREDD), developed by NSW Sugar employee Grahame Dines.  Agtrix now employ Grahame to ensure continued development of this innovative supply chain management tool.

    In 2009, FREDD won the Gold Logistics Achiever Award for South Africa in recognition of its “phenomenal impact on both the South African and Swaziland sugar industry supply chains”.

    Today, Agtrix provides GIS technology and services to more than 85 percent of the Australian sugar industry while FREDD is the main technology platform driving supply chain efficiency improvement in the South African sugar industry. Other clients include Forests NSW and the South African coal industry.

    Agtrix relocated to northern New South Wales in 2001 and employs nine software developers with skills ranging from web database and mapping applications to .NET applications for telemetry devices.

    Our products have evolved from harvest management tools to total business solutions that incorporate automated traffic scheduling, workplace safety, advanced reporting and compliance reporting tools.


    Rob Crossley - Director Agtrix

    Robert Crossley is an agricultural scientist who has embraced technology while working as a public servant, research scientist, senior environmental consultant and company director over the past 25 years.

    Robert was an early advocate of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and undertook some of Australia’s largest pioneering GIS projects in the early 1990s before returning his focus to primary industries.

    Over the last 15 years, Robert has worked closely with the Australian sugar industry to advance the use of spatial technologies in harvest planning and management and, more recently, in supply chain management.

    As well as his passion for technology, Robert is committed to the principles of sustainable agriculture and has secured Reef Rescue funding for Agtrix software development.

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