Where we have most to offer

    • Our systems provide most value in complex and challenging agricultural inbound supply chains that have one or more of the following characteristics:
      • Multiple pick up locations changing daily
      • Real time variation in pickup locations due to external factors such as adverse weather, field suitability and product requirements
      • Perishable product that requires integration of harvest, hauling and processing plant to minimise field to factory time


    Production staff

    • Real Time Visualisation
    • Centralised control of all supply chain sections
    • Centralised, precise and timely information
    • Use of facts vs opinion for real time decisions
    • Increased utilisation of equipment



    • Comparison of customised, multiple KPI’s across all sites
    • Comparisons against Best Practice
    • High level visualisation across entire organisation
    • Achieve cost cutting objectives through increased efficiency
    • Easy access to current company operation to assist in corporate strategy



    • Reporting and dashboards across multiple sites
    • Comparison of multiple operations at varying levels e.g. overall or by supply chain section (grower, harvesting, hauling, milling)
    • Visualise and monitor continuous improvement
    • Efficiencies across all areas
    • Reduced season length through increased efficiency




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