What makes us different

    Agtrix deliver more than cutting edge software. We combine this with our experienced and expert personnel to deliver;

    • successful change management
    • process improvement
    • world class solutions
    • full realisation of project ROI
    • effective solutions to problems

    Agtrix understands that the whole supply chain should be a process that involves growers, harvesters, hauliers and processors to enable all to support their different business goals.

    Agtrix systems replace chaotic, fragmented and inefficient supply chains with a proven, integrated and streamlined system. Software that delivers on the agreed goals of:

    • efficiency
    • quality
    • productivity
    • cost effectiveness

    Our Model

    Agtrix provides visualisation and control across all sectors of the supply chain:

    • planning
    • harvesting
    • loading
    • hauling
    • intake

     Our Model

    Software alone does not link the chain,

    Agtrix implements appropriate best practice

    processes using its products and services,

    and follows a deliberate process model for

    continuous improvement;

    1. Define and model 
    2. Measure and benchmark
    3. Analyse and optimise
    4. Improve (using specific focussed projects)
    5. Control



    To support this model Agtrix also provides:

    • Requirements analysis
    • Project definition
    • Software customisations
    • GPS mobile tracker hardware
    • Third party system integration
    • Formal change management (internally and externally) to manage the people element
    • Optimisation projects to maximise probability of project success
    • Formal project management
    • Deployment and software set up
      • Ongoing
      • Training
      • Systems monitoring & support
      • Customer service & support
      • Maintenance



    Agtrix is able to bring in proven external experts in their field if required.



    Value Proposition

    Agtrix supplies and supports mature and proven products that have delivered on projected ROI and allowed continuous improvement across a wide variety of industries and environments.

    Agtrix is consistently identified as the best Inbound supply chain system by external reviews and clients.



    Agtrix systems are used:

    • by 6 of the 8 sugar milling organisations in Australia
    • by 2 of the major sugar milling organisations in Africa
    • the only sugar miller in England, British Sugar
    • the first BioEnergy power station in the world based on cane trash, Philippines
    • primarily used in sugar, other industries include
      • rice
      • apples
      • macadamias

    Trusted partner in the supply chain of some of the world’s leading agricultural companies.

    Our Clients


    Organisational Achievements

    Gold Logistics Award

    Featured in a review of Agricultural Supply Chain systems in the 2016 Nuffield Scholarship Report (see case study).

    2009 Gold Logistic Achiever award for Contribution to efficiencies in the Africa Sugar Milling Supply Chain.


    Technical Details

    Factory Trip Cycle Haulier Timeline

    Agtrix provides:

    • Stable client-server application
    • Web-based visualisation and reporting available 24/7 Servers are hosted in an offsite secure data centre.

    Data access is restricted by username and password.

    Data is securely stored in spatially enabled Microsoft SQL Server databases. All data transfers are over secure connections.

    Audit logs record and time stamps all changes and requests. Data is available to for export to CSV, Excel, PDF.

    Able to integrate with receivals systems (weighbridges) and processing plant systems to achieve FULL automation.

    Import and export capability with ERP systems.



    Cane Supply Officer (Production)

    “I couldn’t imagine that FREDD will work here with the hostile environment we were in amongst ourselves but after the project was kick started the finger pointing vanished and we started working as a team”.

    – Mike Ngwira (Cane Supply Officer - Illovo Sugar)

    “FREDD is a single cohesive system designed to contain and reduce transport and harvest cost, enabling better factory control, giving an increase in efficiency all in real time”.

    – Simon Hollis (Cane Supply Superintendent - Sunshine Sugar)


    Cane Supply Manager

    “FREDD provides factual information which enables impartial decisions to be made ...

    which forced people to make the right decisions and be accountable. Relationships are now positive and supportive and everyone is focussing on the same objectives”.

    – Mike Aldworth (Managing Director - FESMW)



    “There is no doubt that FREDD has brought discipline to our inbound supply chain at the Nchalo operations site in Malawi where the project was first tested. The implementation of the system has improved the ability of the teams within cane supply (agriculture, trans-port and factory) to see the process from a holistic point of view which in return, has also led to easier identification of opportunities and potential challenges. The result has been a meaningful reduction in the number of cane trucks required to deliver cane from the fields to the factory, a significant reduction in the number of factory “no cane” stops, and has improved our cost base”.

    – Geoff Trott (GM Agriculture Illovo Sugar)

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    A Case Study

    2016 Nuffield Scholarship Report – Paul Fishpool. British Sugar Crop Production and Logistics Manager

    … Gaining total visibility of the whole supply chain is critical to improving its efficiency …

    I was keen to visit Agtrix as this Australian company leads the way for sugar logistic management systems in both Australia and Africa, creating sophisticated technological solutions to the agricultural sector worldwide … They are experts in improving supply chain efficiency by creating spatially enabled IT based

    management systems …Harvester small

    • … During visits to both Africa and Australia, systems produced by Agtrix were seen in operation and, as well as planning logistics, these systems integrate the whole supply chain from field through to delivery at the processing mill. This has big potential benefits, as the whole supply chain can be visualised which enables better communication and co-ordination. Most systems available tend to consider each part of the supply chain separately …
    • … When I visited Nchalo sugar mill in Malawi, FREDD had just been implemented and was immediately delivering benefits to the supply chain. These included full visualisation of the supply chain for the first time, a reduction by 12.5% of the vehicles used to haul cane

    with further savings anticipated, reduction in the amount of cane stops, and savings in fuel consumption …

    • … Various other companies also offer similar solutions in Europe but they do not seem to be as integrated as Agtrix’s systems in terms of the whole supply chain - harvesting, cleaning and loading and haulage - which will have the maximum benefit on improving the supply chain …

    The Future

    Agtrix continue to expand Internationally with new and existing clients in the Asia, Europe, England and South Africa.

    In the next 6 to 12 months the following developments are planned:

    • Streamlining crop inventory into supply chain products
    • VISOPS – focus on dashboard, KPI and visualisation

    Condong River Pan



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