Our Model

    Agtrix provides visualisation and control across all sectors of the supply chain:

    • planning
    • harvesting
    • loading
    • hauling
    • intake

     Our Model

    Software alone does not link the chain,

    Agtrix implements appropriate best practice

    processes using its products and services,

    and follows a deliberate process model for

    continuous improvement;

    1. Define and model 
    2. Measure and benchmark
    3. Analyse and optimise
    4. Improve (using specific focussed projects)
    5. Control



    To support this model Agtrix also provides:

    • Requirements analysis
    • Project definition
    • Software customisations
    • GPS mobile tracker hardware
    • Third party system integration
    • Formal change management (internally and externally) to manage the people element
    • Optimisation projects to maximise probability of project success
    • Formal project management
    • Deployment and software set up
      • Ongoing
      • Training
      • Systems monitoring & support
      • Customer service & support
      • Maintenance



    Agtrix is able to bring in proven external experts in their field if required.



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