Cane Supply Officer (Production)

    “I couldn’t imagine that FREDD will work here with the hostile environment we were in amongst ourselves but after the project was kick started the finger pointing vanished and we started working as a team”.

    – Mike Ngwira (Cane Supply Officer - Illovo Sugar)

    “FREDD is a single cohesive system designed to contain and reduce transport and harvest cost, enabling better factory control, giving an increase in efficiency all in real time”.

    – Simon Hollis (Cane Supply Superintendent - Sunshine Sugar)


    Cane Supply Manager

    “FREDD provides factual information which enables impartial decisions to be made ...

    which forced people to make the right decisions and be accountable. Relationships are now positive and supportive and everyone is focussing on the same objectives”.

    – Mike Aldworth (Managing Director - FESMW)



    “There is no doubt that FREDD has brought discipline to our inbound supply chain at the Nchalo operations site in Malawi where the project was first tested. The implementation of the system has improved the ability of the teams within cane supply (agriculture, trans-port and factory) to see the process from a holistic point of view which in return, has also led to easier identification of opportunities and potential challenges. The result has been a meaningful reduction in the number of cane trucks required to deliver cane from the fields to the factory, a significant reduction in the number of factory “no cane” stops, and has improved our cost base”.

    – Geoff Trott (GM Agriculture Illovo Sugar)

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