Senior People


    Robert Crossley

    MAgSc. – Lead Scientist and Founder

    Robert has a multi-layered understanding of agriculture, natural resources, data and technology that enables him to identify and deliver practical technological solutions for the issues affecting agricultural industries.

    He is an agricultural scientist who has worked in both government and private industry for 12 years before establishing Agtrix in 1995. Robert has worked closely with many agricultural industries to advance the use of spatial technologies in various fields including crop forecast, produce auditability, environmental monitoring, harvest progress recording and management, vehicle activity monitoring and supply chain planning and management.

    He has worked intensively with the Australian sugar cane industry, as well as with rice, orchards, sugar beet, forestry and bio-energy in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and England.



    Stuart McRae

    BCompSc. – General Manager

    Stuart has been involved in transport and software development for the past 20 years. Since joining Agtrix in 2004 Stuart has gained an extensive understanding of inbound logistics in multiple industries, environments and countries.

    He has successfully used this knowledge and experience, in combination with customised Agtrix technology solutions, to achieve remarkable improvements in a diverse variety of supply chains.




    Patrick Kealy

    BSc . – Software Development Manager

    Patrick has led the development of numerous software packages with a number of high profile companies, including corporate sugar enterprises before joining Agtrix in 2008.

    Using the latest innovations in technology and an extensive knowledge of Big Data, Patrick has consistently delivered cutting edge and effective spatially enabled software, to support the harvesting and supply chains efficiencies being attained by Agtrix clients.

    Patrick specialises in system integration with third party systems.





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