All sectors of the supply chain are integrated and visualised as a single system in the Agtrix Software Universe.

    Planning stage

    AgDat Harvest
    Agtrix: Farm Map

    “Agtrix FarmMap”: a customised GIS that provides a base spatial layer of the season’s crop to harvest, for all products and external uses.

    The advantages are:
    • enables staff with little GIS skills and training to add and maintain the required spatial data
    • estimate the crop at the beginning of the season for improved harvest planning.
    • reduce the harvest period providing immediate savings in infrastructure
    • increase percentage of harvest during the peak of the season, increasing quality


    Harvesting stage

    AgDat Harvest To Date
    AgDat: Harvest to Date

    “Agtrix CHOMP”: a customised GIS to monitor harvest progress, actual yield and visualisation of the product available in the field, its state and location.

    CHOMP is supported by “Agtrix Harvester Tracking” that provides real time harvester activity and actual areas harvested.

    • improves processing/factory planning through knowledge of quantity, quality and location of crop to be harvested
    • actual yield measurements improve estimation of crop to be harvested


    Loading and Hauling stage

    Agtrix Consignments
    Agtrix: Consignment

    “Agtrix Consignment”: data from harvesters provides quantity and location of stock ready to collect:

    • information available to mill systems in real time
    • minimise the time after harvest before collection reduces product deterioration
    • replaces manual/paper tickets
      • minimising information loss
      • reduces human error
    • improves productivity


    “Agtrix FREDD” in-bound logistic software uses a continuously adapting focus while achieving an overall outcome:

    • real time vehicle tracking to visualise all sections of the supply chain
    • empowers operators to make proactive and timely decisions
    • carry out the same task with less infrastructure
    • do more with the same infrastructure
    VehicleTracking Plus Reports
    Vehicle Tracking Plus Reports


    When FREDD is scheduling

    • very little human interaction is required
    • efficiency and equity are improved
    • It reacts to the current state of the supply chain
    • ongoing changes typical of a chaotic environment are managed


    Intake stage

    Visualisation of all vehicles and measurement against predefined KPI’s is available in real time.

    “Agtrix FREDD” also smooths out the supply to the mill

    • recommends optimal processing rates to achieve an overall goal
    • predicts available future intake
    • incoming product and variety type in real time


    Reporting and Dashboards

    Agtrix: Interpolator

    “Agtrix VISOPS” produces standard reports automatically, as well as customised reports across all sectors of the supply chain or as targeted operations studies.

    This enables analysis of performance to identify where further improvements can be made.

    Exception reporting also ensures efficiency gains are maintained and problem areas are identified that can be remedied or resolved proactively.

    Agtrix: VISOPS




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